One of my favorite new things in my business is having an in-person planning session with a photo client. We get to know each other and by the time we have the session, we're all relaxed and comfortable to just be ourselves. Also, we can cover so many more details and collaborate on ideas much more so than in emails. For example, what kind of images do they dream of having? What will they wear? Which location? Which walls will the canvases go on? And at this gorgeous family's planning session we discovered that they'd actually like to have their session in the National Park as opposed to the beach, as they originally thought. Yay! I love the beach but there's something so special about these woods...the quiet, the coolness, the immensity of the trees. And this is a very special time in their lives, before they become a family of four. Life is about to change for all of them as they welcome a sweet new baby...but especially for this adorable little guy who is about to become a big brother. He's going to be so great.